2024 Velocifero Oliver

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OLIVER is the electric ‘work’ scooter made by Velocifero. Its construction means it is versatile for both urban deliveries and commuting. Vehicle homologation is EEC /L1e-B/L3e-A1.

OLIVER is designed with a robust, military style that has bags of personality and an unmistakable appearance.

One of OLIVER's distinguishing features is that its battery pack can quickly be swapped to do away with having to wait to recharge. Its two 1440 kW/h lithium ion packs powered at 72 V ensure 85 km autonomy.

The 3 kW and 175 Nm (peak) motor mounted on the rear wheel guarantees a speed of 85 km/h.

The steel tube frame uses an Earles front fork with dual hydraulic shock absorber and rear cantilever suspension with single shock absorber, installed horizontally under the footrest, while the front suspension features a fork with Earles system.

OLIVER features disc brakes on both 12” wheels and weighs 102 kg.

OLIVER, available in 3 colours (Grey/Yellow/Grey/Red; Military Green/Yellow)