2024 Velocifero Jump 90Km/U

€ 4.995,00

  Jump is the first electric motorcycle in Velocifero's zero-emissions range

  • Developed by an international engineering team led by Alessandro Tartarini, it is produced at Velocifero's modern plants
  • Light, agile and easy to ride, it teams green credentials, innovative technology and sporty design and can travel up to 85 km on a single charge, with brilliant performance
  • Designed by Alessandro Tartarini, the multi-award winning international designer and the soul of the Velocifero brand
  • Jump is a small motorcycle weighing just 90 kg and measuring 1,830 mm in length. The most important aesthetic feature, which also fulfils a fundamental technical function, is the high-tensile steel tube frame, whose design follows the motto ‘form follows function’.
  • The vehicle's appearance is completed by bodywork that, again, performs a dual function, looking appealing and providing protection and safety.
  • The 12” wheels with generous sized tyres give JUMP good proportions and set it apart from similar electric vehicles for urban use. Despite its compact size, Jump is also suitable for taller riders.
  • The electric motor has 3 kW output, peaking at 5 kW, and charges at 84 V. Torque peaks at 175 Nm. This allows for fast acceleration and easy riding in traffic, with maximum speed set at 90 km/h and a maximum climbing angle of over 25%. Transmission is obviously automatic.
  • The suspensions use an upside-down fork and a swinging fork with a single hydraulic shock absorber featuring a pro link system. Ø220 mm disc brakes on both wheels.
  • The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2808 Wh, weighs 20 kg, runs at 72 V, and recharges at 84 V DC from a 100-240 V AC battery-charger (connected to a domestic socket).
  • The electric current requirement is 10 A, compatible with domestic energy supplies. Charging time is 4-5 hours.
  • When it comes to autonomy, JUMP can travel 85 km at a constant speed of 45 km/h. Consumption and autonomy obviously vary depending on riding style and the riding mode chosen from four available options (P, Eco, comfort and Sport+)