Electrische Step “K4 Serie” Model 2021. 8,5” Banden.

€ 599,00


Electric Kickscooter,maybe the hottest electronic product this year.

The electric scooter is our newest model published in Europe market. This monster will bring you uncomparable riding experience with its strong frame and great performance.

The electric scooter can take you to everywhere you want with a range of 20km. You can find the accelerate button on the right side of the handlebar. With 2 speed gear built in the scooter, the top speed reaches 25km/h. On the right side, there is a front disc brake throttle to let you stop without effort.


Comfortably to drive, the electric scooter is equipped with two 8.5inch pneumatic tire. The large wheel will reduce the effect of bumps and obstacles on the road.

An interesting design about scooter is limit direction. It means you can only turn the scooter head to a limit angle rather than 360 degree, we do this for a safety reason. Imaging you are driving through a big bumper, with a 360° head, it is easy to get out of control and fell off from the scooter.

With front and rear led light, you can drive safer at night. Pedestrian from long distance can see the scooter clearly. The integrated kickstand will let you park with ease.

Patented folding system, you can fold it up and transport on bus and subway. The folding scooter can be put in your car truck as well for travel. No matter you need to go to school or go to company, it is a great tool for commuting and suitable both for adults and teenagers.

It has rear brushless motor with 300W, lithium battery capacity is 36V, 6AH. Bringing great torque and good performance in mileage and speed. Another advantage that has to mention is the Easy -to-disassemble Motor, which you probably had never seen on other models in the market.