Mercane Step MX60

€ 2.995,00

Mercane has really stepped up the game with the MX60 Dual Motor Electric Scooter! If you want an all-terrain electric scooter that boasts amazing power, range, ride comfort and bulletproof construction, then look no further. Ride comfort on the MX60 is amazing thanks to the larger deck which floats on the front and rear air shocks and large tyres. Such a high level of comfort makes this scooter perfect for long rides, the MX60 has a max range of 100Km and the battery can be removed from the scooter to conveniently charge wherever you like. Lastly, the power of this scooter is sure to thrill even the most experienced riders. 

  • Motor power : 60V 2400W dual (*60v 10Ah)
  • Battery: 60V 20Ah separable battery pack 
  • Max speed : 60km/h 
  • Max Drive range: 100km(*50km)
  • Max load : 120kg 
  • Weight : 27kg 
  • Battery Weight : 7kg(*4kg)
  • Suspension: Air shock absorb with the damping control system 
  • Tire: Tubeless 11 inch air tire

Built to last, the Mercane MX60 is as solid as it looks. With its responsive steering and superb braking performance, the MX60 delivers a confident ride and the bright LED head and tail lights ensure you will stay safe too. There are 3 power modes to choose from so you can dial in just the right amount of power needed and switch between them on the go. Additionally, each of these power modes can be used with either single or dual motors engaged. While the MX60 is one of the largest electric scooters on the market, it still has a well designed folding mechanism to help you lift, carry and store it.